Setting Up Firm Messaging Options

If you have Client Collaboration - Administration permissions in Client Collaboration, you can enable the messaging functionality in Client Collaboration. This feature allows you and your clients to securely exchange messages about requests from within Client Collaboration.

Messages that clients send are sent to the person assigned to the client responsible staffClosedStaff assigned to one or more job functions in relation to a client. Job functions are defined in global lists, and then responsible staff are assigned to those functions in the client profile. role that is set up in the messaging options.

Note: If your firm does not use the client responsible staff feature, then you should leave messaging disabled. At this time, messages cannot be sent directly to a particular staff member.

Message recipients receive email notifications when new messages are assigned to them. However, for security reasons, the message content is never sent via email. Staff must access messages in Client Collaboration.

  1. Click and select Administration.
  2. Click Firm Information.
  3. Click Messaging.
  4. To turn on messaging, toggle the Do you want to enable the messaging module at the firm level option to Yes.
  5. In the Message Assignment section, select a client responsible staff position to receive incoming messages from client.
  6. If needed, select a different client responsible staff position to receive messages in case no one is assigned to the previously selected client responsible staff position.
  7. Click Save.