CCH™ Client Axcess

File Key Access Options

Access keys are strings of letters and numbers that file recipients enter when they access files stored in Share Safe. System-generated access keys are unique to the recipient and file, so they ensure only the intended recipients can open or download the file.

By default, Share Safe creates an access key. However, you have the option to create a custom access key instead. You can also choose to send the access key via an automated email from Share Safe or via some other method.

The following file key access options are presented to you when you share a file with Share Safe:

Option Description
Automatically expire file access key in <?> days

Enter the number of days that the file access key is valid. You can select a number between 1 and 30.

After the specified amount of time has elapsed, the recipient will no longer have access to the files.

System generated file access key (default)

Select this option if you want Share Safe to generate a file access key.
Create file access key Select this option if you want to create your own file access key. If you select this option, you also must enter a key of between 7 and fourteen characters.
Do not send file access key email. I will contact client directly. Select this check box if you do not want Client Axcess to send the automated file access key email. Instead, you must provide the file key to the file recipient in some other manner.